Sea Buckthorn Oil

The Power-Packed Berry that Revitalizes and Replenishes

A power-packed berry with an invigorating effect

A Vitamin And Nutrient-Dense Choice For Vitality And Glow

With bright, golden-red berries, sea buckhorn absorbs the radiance of the sun and converts the rays into valuable vitamins. More than just pretty to look at, sea buckthorn is a versatile force of vitamins and other nutrients that make skin look strengthened from the inside out. 


Sea Buckthorn’s essential fatty acids – linoleic and linolenic acid, palmitoleic acid and vitamin E – are believed to help strengthen skin’s barrier. Since our skin doesn’t create essential fatty acids, it’s important to get them from sources like our Sea Buckthorn Body Care collection.

Another skin-boosting benefit of sea buckthorn is the rich oil from the seeds and pulp of the fruit that helps skin replenish its barrier function, to keep it hydrated and balanced.


It’s believed that sea buckthorn’s orange red color comes from its vitamins and nutrients.

Sun-soaked, bright berries contain an exceptionally high content of vitamin C and energizing Vitamin B12. During the winter months, our bodies benefit from the stored sunlight in the berries and plants, which helps to revitalize the system’s self-regulation and helps boost mood and energy levels.


An all-around tonic and a super-skin supporter, the certified natural by NATRUE Sea Buckthorn Body Care collection is an essential for everybody. Shop the collection below. 

Brilliant, vitalizing shower cream with nourishing oils
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Smooth and deeply nourish for a golden glow
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