Weleda and The Foundation For Living Beauty
are Planting Love Together for Women Living with Cancer

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Beautifully

Weleda and The Foundation for Living Beauty are planting love together by empowering women as they fight cancer. 


The Foundation for Living Beauty is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women living with cancer and cancer survivors. The foundation has been providing retreats, educational opportunities, sisterhood events and resources to Living Beauties since 2005. Hundreds of women struggling with cancer and its aftermath find support and resources at The Foundation for Living Beauty, along with the understanding of many other women who have walked in their shoes. 

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“Our mission of helping women to find balance and re-center by being in harmony with nature fits perfectly with the goals of The Foundation for Living Beauty. Together we aim to help these Living Beauties connect to their “inner nature” and bring them a feeling of balance in body, mind and spirit as they continue on their healing journey.”

- Rob Keen, CEO of Weleda

For nearly 100 years, Weleda’s goal has been to help women rebalance body, mind and spirit by leveraging nature’s wisdom and the symbiotic relationship between people plants.

Weleda’s plant-rich skincare is carefully crafted help to activate the body’s own healing abilities to help us stay in balance. 


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Planting Seeds Of Love And Support 

Plant love and reap the benefits. Help women battling cancer find their inner nature so they can thrive and heal along their journey.

If you are a woman with cancer, a survivor or simply want to get involved visit The Foundation for Living Beauty to donate and join their sisterhood. 

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