Soothe And Nourish With Almond

Moisturize dry, red, flaky skin with soothing almond

What Can Almonds Do For Sensitive Skin?

The exceptionally mild but effective almond plant has a similar structure to the outer lipid layers of skin. This makes it easily absorbed and well-tolerated to deliver skin-replenishing ingredients. Sensitive skin is left feeling comforted and well-nourished with the abundant nutrients from this Potent Petal.

Calm And Re-Balance

Sensitive Care Cleansing Lotion - Almond

A fragrance-free cleanser for sensitive skin
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4 reviews
2.5 fl oz
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Sensitive Care Facial Cream - Almond

Fragrance-free rich day and night cream for sensitive dry skin
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Sensitive Care Facial Lotion - Almond

A light, fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive, combination skin
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Skin Care Bundles for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Care Regimen

A light, fragrance-free regimen for sensitive, combination skin
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The Benefits of Almond: Soothing Moisture for Sensitive Skin

Almond is the ideal potent petal to offer balance and moisture to delicate skin.

Pamper your sensitive skin with nourishing and gentle almond. To address this skin concern, Weleda handpicked almond as the lead plant for the Sensitive Care line for its calming yet fortifying properties.

Similar in nature to healthy skin’s innate structure, almond oil is easily absorbed, making it a mild but effective moisturizer. Replete with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it supports the strength of your skin’s barrier function against environmental stressors for a supple complexion.

The Beauty of Oils

Reclaim your radiance with a facial oil.

Precious petal and nut powered oils are your allies to reveal your best complexion. Every skin type can reap the benefits of their enriching hydration, even sensitive skin. Dry or aging skin appears smoother and more refined. Facial oils deliver nourishing nutrients, deeply hydrate and seal in moisture.

As the last step in your beautifying routine, our fortifying oils feed the skin so that it feels nourished, supple and smooth.

The best way to maximize your skin care’s benefits is to apply from lightest to richest. Prep your skin with the Refining Toner followed by the Sensitive Care Calming Oil and the Renewing Eye Cream, then finish by gliding on the Hydrating Day Cream. For an extra dose of moisture apply the Deep Moisture Facial Balm. Follow this order for vital, supple skin.

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Our Commitment to You

At Weleda, we hold ourselves to a specific standard of beauty that includes sustainable sourcing and production, biodynamic practices whenever possible, and most importantly safe, dermatologically tested ingredients. Every one of our products are free of parabens, synthetic preservatives, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.