Birch Extract

Purifying, uplifting and stimulating

Blended with active carrier oils birch makes skin feel soothed and smoothed

An Invigorating Tonic to Clear and Stimulate Skin and The Senses

Like so many ancient plant-rich remedies, birch is associated with a goddess. In this instance, it’s the Norse beauty, Freya. Birch was once so valued; it was ordained sacred in ancient German and Slavonic belief systems. 

Traditionally, birch sap was considered a beautifying and strengthening remedy against fever and stomach ailments because of its detoxifying properties. An exceptionally potent ingredient, its benefits were said to be seen and felt immediately. For centuries, birch has been used as a powerful detoxifier known for its ability to relieve swelling and inflammation. It was believed to purify by helping flush toxins from the body when used in soaking baths. 


Weleda Birch Body Care products revive the senses and improve the look and feel of skin–naturally. 

Stimulating scrub to invigorate skin
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Tone and reduce appearance of cellulite with Birch
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