White Mallow

Baby Care

Diaper Care Cream - White Mallow

Protective diaper care for baby’s delicate bottom
5 out of 5 stars
8 reviews
1.7 fl oz
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Sensitive Care Face Cream - White Mallow

Soothing and comforting for baby’s hypersensitive, dry skin
4.485 out of 5 stars
103 reviews
1.7 fl oz
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Sensitive Care Body Lotion - White Mallow

Tender all-over care for baby’s dry and sensitive skin
4.552 out of 5 stars
96 reviews
6.8 fl oz
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White Mallow Gentle Moisture Set

Moisturize Baby’s Sensitive Skin with Soothing Mallow
5 out of 5 stars
1 review
1 Kit
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Moisturize Baby’s Sensitive Skin With Calming, Soothing Mallow

White Mallow’s gentle, quieting properties and soothing effects make it ideal for baby care. The sensitive, fragile skin of babies requires a soft, protective and warming layer, without irritating fragrances. White mallow moisturizes delicate skin and helps to protect from harmful environmental influences. It is also equally gentle and quenching for adult skin.

Calms And Nourishes Delicate Skin

White mallow has a long history as a therapeutic plant. This seemingly delicate plant can withstand heat as well as survive long periods without water. Substances in the roots and flowers protect the plant from drying out and the high concentration of water-absorbing substances in the roots provide the calming, soothing and hydrating properties for which white mallow is renowned. Even the delicate fragrance of its pink-tinged flowers calm and soothes.

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