Weleda Production Practices

The Ingredients to Success
The Ingredients to Success

Ingredients are at the core of the Weleda brand.

It is ingrained in our philosophy to harvest the life force of plants to keep our connection to Mother Nature and the planet, to bring us back into balance and to activate and support our natural beauty.

At Weleda, we grow, harvest, process and formulate a vast array of plants with the rest coming from our fair trade partners and other sources which share our commitment to ethical practices.


To that end, we put as much care and thought into the planting, growing, and harvesting as we do the processes by which we transform these plants into our beauty and wellness products.

Our plant-rich ingredients are grown, harvested and processed using a range of farming methodologies, including both age-old and modern processing techniques. We employ sustainable, fair trade and even biodynamically grown plants whenever possible for our NATRUE certified personal care. This combination of purity and benefits has made Weleda a beauty-insider favorite for decades.


Weleda’s products are designed to be gentle while working to restore skin’s optimum balance, whole-body radiance, and a sense of wellbeing. This connectivity with nature and self, this beautiful and powerful “oneness,” holistically supports the true nature of mind, body, and spirit.

Handle with Care

Keeping the innate potency of the raw materials intact is crucial.  As much as possible, we harvest quickly, process lightly, and care for them like the rare elements that they are. Each requires its own method to process so that we harness its empowering potential, often using ancient methods to preserve its intensity.

From minimizing exposure to elements that would corrupt or drain the plant materials’ innate energy to using distilled water for its likeness to rainwater, each production step is minimal, gentle, and as non-invasive as possible. For example, we use water vapor to extract the delicate lavender blossom’s essential oils in thermal processes like distillation.


Maceration is another great example.  It is an age-old method of extraction that crushes plants with a mixture of alcohol and water to obtain plant materials without corrupting any of the bioavailability. After two weeks, the steeped mixture is pressed and filtered: the result is a valuable, potent tincture.


This manner of processing is slow. The yields are small. But for Weleda, there is no other way. These holistic methods are in line with Weleda’s principles. 

Using these production methods allows us to make accessible what the plant provides, so that you benefit from its essence.

Weleda believes that we reconnect and keep our commitment to the planet, other people, and our own wellbeing, when we let our principles guide us. Weleda transforms the ordinary into alchemy and shares the results with you.