Relaxing and Calming Lavender

Body Care

Lavender is traditionally known for its relaxing properties
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Unwind and relax with this creamy body wash.
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Unwind with the calming scent of Lavender
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A Classic in Relaxation

The silvery-leaved shrub has been valued since ancient times as a bathing and washing additive, with a relaxing and calming effect. The name lavender probably comes from the Latin verb lavare, which means ‘to wash’. It’s a source of many stories and myths, some founded in truth – although we often cannot prove it today.

A Relaxation Wonder that Soothes Body and Soul

Our lavender body care collection is nature's answer to calming plant-rich beauty. In aromatherapy, the characteristic lavender note has also proven a true classic. Its deep blue-violet color fascinates the eye and its essential oil calm the mind. In fact, lavender has a relaxing effect on the whole body. Regulatory effect of this ancient plant brings body and soul back into balance after a hectic day. People who find it hard to switch off at night can bathe or shower with lavender, or massage with Relaxing Body Oil, and relax ready for a good’s night sleep.

Spotlight Partnership: Fair Trade Lavender from Bessarabia, Moldova

Little else is as instantly relaxing as the scent of lavender. Its deep blue flowers contain essential oils that are used to bring a fresh fragrance to 50 Weleda products. 

Images of lavender often show the violet fields of French Provence, but there is another important growing area in Europe, which has been supporting the large-scale cultivation of lavender for centuries. The tiny country of Moldova, between Romania and Ukraine, has just less than 14,000 square miles of land, but is blessed with a warm, dry climate and fertile black soil, which allows vineyards and orchards to thrive on a large scale. This perfect growing climate formed the foundation of Moldova, once known as one of the world's largest producers of essential oils. 

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