Arnica Rest and Revive Collection

Soothe sore muscles after strenuous activity
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19 reviews
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Stimulating freshness in a light, transparent gel
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Soothing, Energizing, Warming
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Helps your body feel soothed.
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Arnica Montana is the plant answer to muscles that feel discomfort or fatigue. Arnica’s traditionally-respected soothing properties means it’s been used since the 1500's for massaging and soothing. Whether it’s after a hike, a long day in the garden, the yoga studio or even the office, Weleda’s Arnica products are prized by athletes, savvy mothers and happy, active people everywhere.

The Benefits of Arnica

Soothe the feeling of sore, tired muscles. Our Arnica Series features three additional products that harness the power of arnica extract. Our best-selling Muscle Massage Oil, formulated in 1926, makes sore muscles feel eased and rested.


The Arnica Sports Shower Gel, with 81% organic ingredients, helps skin feel moisturized as it refreshes muscles, while the Arnica Muscle Soak makes muscles feel relaxed and the Arnica Intensive Body Recovery Cream makes muscles feel soothed. The entire collection is completely free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants and mineral oil derivatives.

Partnership Spotlight: Arnica from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania

Since 2006, our arnica flowers have come from a sustainable wild collection in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.


Weleda takes a leading role in sustainably sourcing effective plants in their natural habitat to support biodiversity in plant life, but also to keep local culture intact and keep their economies strong.