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2in1 Gentle Shampoo + Body Wash - Calendula

Gentle in the bath and shower, for a happy clean baby
4.634 out of 5 stars
101 reviews
6.8 fl oz
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Comforting Body Lotion - Calendula

Sweetly moisturizing and calming lotion for delicate skin
4.616 out of 5 stars
99 reviews
6.8 fl oz
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Nourishing Face Cream - Calendula

Gentle moisture for baby’s exposed skin
4.593 out of 5 stars
91 reviews
1.7 fl oz
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Calendula Diaper Cream

Gentle protection for delicate skin
4.935 out of 5 stars
46 reviews
2.8 fl oz
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Your baby came into the world a perfect gift of nature. That's why Weleda trusts only nature’s gentlest plants and flowers, certified to European standards by NATRUE to keep your sweet new love in balanced harmony. Babies have fragile, vulnerable skin that needs protection as it develops. That’s why the gentle Mother and Baby line from Weleda is the most often recommended by midwives, baby nurses and mothers.

Wrap Your Baby in a Soothing Calendula Hug

Meet the plant-rich answer for new tummies, fingers, toes and sweet cheeks. Keep little bodies clean with the gentle 2in1 Gentle Shampoo + Body Wash. The mild, non-stinging lather gently cleanses skin while the Comforting Body Lotion moisturizes dry skin. Both the lotion and the Nourishing Face Cream are enriched with pure sweet almond oil which soothe, nourish and moisturize baby’s skin. Calendula Diaper Care Cream is an indispensable favorite for nourishing and shielding baby bottoms with kindness and care.

For busy mamas – and anyone with sensitive or overstimulated skin – all of the baby products are gentle enough to quiet and care for adult and adolescent skin too. 

The Benefits of Calendula

Valued for its vibrant, soothing properties, the innate nature of calendula compounds makes even the most sensitive skin feel moisturized – like the fragile skin of babies – with the utmost delicacy.

Few plants are as multidimensional and effective as calendula, which is precisely why Weleda has been cultivating its soothing properties in our original gardens in Germany for over 80 years.


High-quality calendula is a valuable plant, used for centuries for its gentle properties both internally and topically.


As versatile as it is effective, Weleda uses calendula as the basis for more than 20 NATRUE-certified personal care products.

For Moms

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Helps to diminish the appearance of stretch marks
5 out of 5 stars
5 reviews
3.4 fl oz
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Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

The ultimate moisturizer for dry, rough skin
4.835 out of 5 stars
133 reviews
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Hydrating Day Cream - Iris

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