Awakening Pomegranate for Vibrant Skin

Nutrient-rich care for vibrant, smooth, even toned skin

What Can Pomegranates Do For Your Skin?

Developed around the pomegranate, this collection rejuvenates and revives dull, mature skin that displays dryness and uneven tones. The nutrient-rich products in this line bring renewed radiance and indulgent moisture while softening the appearance of deep lines.

Nourish And Revive

Renews and makes skin feel restored and radiant
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Night time hydration for drier or mature skin
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Eye cream formulated to help skin around the eyes feel firmer
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Intensive serum to make skin feel strong and resilient
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Skin Care Sets for Mature Skin

Awakening pomegranate facial care for radiant skin.
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The Benefits of Pomegranate: A Bright Future

A potent petal that promotes even tone and texture

This vibrant plant is known for its bright red fruit that is strong on the outside, full of precious seeds, bursting with vitamin-rich juice on the inside. The pomegranate is a genius plant at balancing extremes, with energizing processes within its own life cycle. It has a similar effect when used on skin.

Incorporated into Weleda’s Awakening Facial Care line pomegranate replenishes skin’s youthful vibrance with the power of anti-oxidants. Reduces the appearance of deep lines. Dull skin, uneven skin is left with a more radiant glowing look.

Supercharge your regimen

Supercharge your regimen

A basic routine of cleansing and moisturizing is essential. But to enjoy the maximum benefits of your efforts focus attention to target your specific concerns. Eye creams, lip treatments and facial serums fortify your skin. No part of your face is as sensitive or susceptible to showing signs of aging as the eyes.

With thin skin and a propensity to dryness, they need specialized care from a nourishing and hydrating eye cream. Lightweight serums, packed with powerful ingredients, are particularly adept at addressing specific complexion concerns and help you achieve a supple and radiant glow.

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Our Commitment to You

At Weleda, we hold ourselves to a specific standard of beauty that includes sustainable sourcing and production, biodynamic practices whenever possible, and most importantly safe, dermatologically tested ingredients. Every one of our products are free of parabens, synthetic preservatives, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.