Reclaim Your Inner Nature with Weleda Rituals

Whether you need a moment of mindfulness or a day of self-care, Weleda’s plant-rich skincare can help you on your journey to creating a self-care ritual that reconnects your mind, body and spirit and brings you back into balanced harmony. 

Glowing Skin Food Beauty & Self-Care Rituals

Glow On The Go

Instant glowification for a natural-looking glow with our best-selling, nourishing Skin Food.  

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Skin Food Self Care

Nourish mind, body and soles with the nourishing properties of Skin Food

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Pamper Yourself with Weleda Facial Care Rituals

Calming Facial Massage

Pamper and relax after a long day with a moisturizing and oh-so soothing face massage with our Sensitive Skin Collection.

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Rejuvenating Facial Ritual

Renew skin with a moment of self-care with three easy steps: breathe, cleanse and moisturize for glowing skin with Weleda Facial Care.

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Nurture Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Pre-Bedtime Rituals to Help You Relax

Restoring Bath Milk

Make your own bath milk with Weleda Body & Beauty Oils to create an even more relaxing bath.

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Relax and Unwind Ritual

Prepare for a peaceful night with the relaxing scents of lavender in our Relaxing collection.

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Nurture Your Little One With Bonding Rituals

Mama-Baby Bonding Ritual

Nurture baby's skin with Weleda's Comforting Baby Oil while bonding with your sweet love.

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Happy Baby Bath

Bathtime giggles with your sweet new love, to unwind and connect with some Weleda baby favorites

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Experience The Plant-Rich Products In These Rituals

Skin Food with Free Travel-Size Mini

The ultimate moisturizer for dry, rough skin
1 Kit
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Current price $18.99

Cleanse, Tone, and Hydrate Ritual

Skin care basics to reveal a fresh face
1 Kit
Previous price $53.97
Current price $47.50

Muscle Massage Oil - Arnica

Warming muscle massage with arnica extract
3.4 fl oz
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Current price $21.49

Beauty & Body Oil Duo

Take moments for yourself to unwind with this set
1 Kit
Previous price $48.50
Current price $39.99

Lavender Relaxing Bathtime Regimen

Lavender is traditionally known for its relaxing properties
1 Kit
Previous price $34.98
Current price $26.50