Skin Food Frequently Asked Questions

Our Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream has been a savior for dry skin since 1926. We are excited to share this NEW collection with you that is based on the original beloved cream. Crafted with luxurious plant oils in nourishing formulas, we invite you to learn more about the new line.

Why did Weleda expand Skin Food to an entire line of products?

We have been hearing for years from our Skin Food enthusiasts a wish for more Skin Food options, like a lighter version, a version for lip, etc. so we decided to expand the line! We wanted to bring all of the moisturizing and multi-use benefits of Skin Food to new usage occasions and offer a range of products that people new to Skin Food would be excited to try. 

When should I use Skin Food Original vs. Skin Food Light vs. Skin Food Body Butter?

Skin Food Original provides the most intense moisture of the collection and is great for any extra dry spots, or as an overnight mask. Skin Food Light is lighter, fast-absorbing, and ideal for everyday use on the face or body.  Skin Food Body Butter is a a soft, whipped texture that can be used all over the body. Try any or all the Skin Food products, especially after a bath or shower to lock in moisture and indulge the senses.

Are the Weleda Skin Food products recommended for sensitive skin?

While the Skin Food collection is great for dry areas, it may not be right for those with ultra-sensitive skin or skin conditions.  Begin by applying a small amount to test how it feels before applying large amounts to your skin. 
If you find it is not meeting your needs, we recommend trying Weleda's products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin. For facial care, try our Sensitive Care facial collection. For the rest of the body, try our Soothing Body Wash and Soothing Hand Cream. The Sensitive Care facial collection and Soothing body care collection are both formulated with sweet almond oil; a gentle, nurturing ingredient for sensitive skin. Discover more about these products here

Are the Weleda Skin Food products vegan?

Skin Food Body Butter does not contain raw materials of animal origin.  
Weleda uses beeswax and lanolin in Skin Food Original, Skin Food Light and Skin Food Lip Butter, therefore they are not considered vegan. You can find a list of all Weleda products that are suitable for vegans here.

Are the Weleda Skin Food products safe for people with a nut allergy?

Skin Food Lip Butter does not contain any nut-based oils or ingredients. 
Skin Food Original Ultra Rich Cream contains sweet almond oil. 
Skin Food Light Nourishing Cream and Skin Food Body Butter contain Shea Butter. 
We suggest speaking with your medical practitioner if you are concerned about almond or nut allergies.

Did Skin Food Original change tubes? If so, why?

When we develop new products, we consider all aspects of the product during development.  While meeting customer needs and bringing to market a high-quality product are at the heart of our innovation process, we also strive to ensure that our new products are consistent with our values. When we developed the new Skin Food line, a few factors impacted our decision to create a new tube for the new Skin Food Light and the Skin Food Original. One factor was the stability of the product; Weleda’s products are free from synthetic preservatives. The aluminum tube used for Skin Food in the past served an important role in keeping the cream from spoiling. However, aluminum mining and production are resource intensive and taxing on the environment. The new tube material we are using for Skin Food Original and Skin Food Light can preserve the product as well as aluminum but is much lighter and is made from 18% recycled materials. This new tube overall results in less energy consumption across our supply chain. Another factor for the change was customer usage. We heard from a lot of customers that the aluminum tube cracked or broke in bags, creating a mess. The new tube addresses this issue and allows for other customer benefits such as a convenient flip-top cap.

Is the new packaging recyclable?

While the Skin Food product packaging is recyclable, we recognize that every region may differ in its current recycling capabilities and infrastructural limitations.  The tubes for Skin Food Original, Skin Food Light, and Skin Food Lip Butter are considered a "plastic recycling class 7" in the US. The Body Butter packaging is considered a "plastic recycling class 5".  Weleda is working to  expand customer's opportunities to recycle this packaging. Weleda is developing a partnership with TerraCycle (, which it plans to launch in the near future to help make recycling these products more convenient.

Is all packaging BPA free?

In keeping with our guiding principles and as with all Weleda's packaging, the Skin Food products' packaging is made without BPA.