Greet the Morning

As we find ourselves confined to the comfort and safety of our own homes, it’s more important than ever to dedicate time throughout the day to connect with nature. Starting your morning with a ritual helps you stay centered, release negative thoughts, and focus your attention on what truly matters. These energizing morning rituals are curated to begin each day balanced in mind, body, and spirit.

Get Up and Get Moving

Rise with the sun, and warm up with a stretch. Honor the body that carries you throughout the day, by saying good morning to your muscles. Take it one step further with a self-led, or online, cardio or strength training routine to boost circulation and get your juices flowing.

Tune In with a Meditation

Your greatest source of wisdom resides within you. Before you begin your day, take time to turn inward, and connect with nature, from the inside, out. Meditation is a great way to quiet the noise and distractions of the outside world, set daily intentions, and listen to the voice of your instinct and inner nature.

Breathe and Cleanse

Harmonize with nature’s cycles through the inhale and exhale of your breathe. Your morning skincare routine is the perfect time to find your center with a breathing ritual. Use the powerful scent of a plant-rich cleanser to calm your senses and align with the soothing rhythm of your breathe.

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Throughout the Day

Honor yourself, for all you do to support your needs, and the needs of others, with moments of nurturing self-care, and connection to nature, throughout the day.

Wash Hands. Feed Skin.

Your hands are working over-time to keep you healthy. They deserve all the gratitude and love they can get. Extra hand washing means extra dry hands, so take a post-wash pause to manage the moisture, and massage in a plant-rich, ultra-hydrating, hand cream.

Take a Sun Bath

Too many hours indoors can negatively affect your state of mind. Boost your mood with the power of the sun. Step outside and let the warm light touch your skin and nourish your soul, with a loving dose of vitamin-D. Take some time to reground yourself with a few deep breaths, inhaling energy and exhaling stress as the sun melts it away.

Connect with Nature

We need to maintain a connection to nature now more than ever. Wherever we can get it. Whether it be a long hike through the forest, a meditation in your home garden, or a quick step outside your door, nature is inviting you to embrace it, and let it ground you. Connect with the textures of the nature. Admire the vibrant sights and smells. As the world blooms, so do you.

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At the End of the Day

As the sun sets, wind down with your day. Set yourself up for restful sleep with a soothing nightly routine. These rituals are meant to inspire a deeper connection with yourself, and nurturing ingredients found in nature.

Take time for Reflection

Approach your self-care in a mindful manner, through nightly self-reflection. Pull yourself away from damaging screens, pick up a pen, and open a journal. Check in with intentions set at the beginning of the day, start a gratitude list, or dedicate yourself to new habits that promote health, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Bathe Among the Flowers

Soak in the beauty of nature with a garden bath. Transform your bathroom into an end-of-day retreat to nature by adding rose petals and a body oil to your nightly bath routine. Swish the water back and forth, allowing the mixture to settle in. Let the warm, soothing water immerse your body into complete relaxation.

Prep for Beauty Sleep

Be extra mindful of your evening facial care routine as your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Bring your attention to your skin, giving it all it needs to repair and detox itself. Just as your body muscles need to be activated, so do the ones on your face. After a long day, treat yourself to a relaxing facial massage for three to five minutes with a plant-rich night cream. Elevate the ritual by using a jade roller or gua sha tool to reduce puffiness and aid circulation.

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