Wheat Balancing Shampoo

Wheat germ oil helps re-balance hair

Vigour borrowed from the strongest grasses balances hair and scalp. Wheat germ oil helps the scalp feel protected from flakes and dandruff.

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Lead Plant

Wheat Germ

Helps structure hair and balance scalp health

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A ripening wheatfield in the breeze – surely the picture of subtle strength. The stems of wheat point skywards in all conditions, while ripe, heavy grains stay poised between earth and air. This balanced life-force is the secret of wheat’s robust qualities, and we blend wheat germ oil with extract of butcher’s broom and sage to promote a healthy-feeling scalp. A brisk scent from tea-tree, rosemary and copaiba balm freshens the senses while you wash clean comfort back to your hair.


Helps to reduce the appearance of dandruff and promotes a healthy-looking scalp. Mild, effective cleansing. Dermatologically tested, silicone-free, certified natural by NATRUE hair care. Free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants or raw materials derived from mineral oils.



Hair is well-groomed*

*Self-assessment after 28 days
Natrue and Weleda

Natrue and Weleda

NaTrue was created by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association to certify natural cosmetic products.  NaTrue’s expressed goal is “to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide.” 

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Vegan and vegetarian friendly available

Vegan and vegetarian friendly available

All Weleda face, baby, body, hair and oral care products are suitable for vegetarians abstaining from meat and fish.

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How to Use

How to Use

Caring for dry ends

Before washing your hair, massage some Oat Replenishing Treatment into the ends and leave for five to ten minutes.

Washing hair

A scalp massage while washing your hair supplies the roots with the nutrients they need.

Using a conditioner

Using the Oat Replenishing Conditioner promotes the natural regeneration of dry and damaged hair.

Drying hair

Using too much heat can damage the hair. Dry your hair and scalp with a towel before using a hairdryer.

Massaging scalp

Massaging the scalp with the Revitalising Hair Tonic invigorates the scalp and encourages hair growth.

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Customer Reviews (0)