Nursing Tea

Delicious herbal tea mixture for breastfeeding mothers

Enjoy peaceful and contented nursing times with your baby, thanks to our delicious tea.

20 individually wrapped sachets in a handy, quick access box

20 Tea Bags
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Every time you nurse, you give your baby love, warmth and security and, according to scientific studies, a boost of immunity and neural development. It’s a space of cozy togetherness. The two of you strengthen your bonds and your baby gets all the nutrition needed for healthy development. Enjoy this precious time!


Carefully-chosen ingredients are blended in this pleasant tea, creating a mild and nurturing flavor, because mothers’ bodies need nurturing too. After all, it is not just you drinking it – baby also absorbs the ingredients through breastmilk. Trust Weleda Nursing Tea to ensure a harmonious nursing time with your baby.

  • Helps to balance your fluid intake, thus supporting natural milk production
  • Delicious, refreshing taste
  • Carefully screened for harmful substances
  • No flavoring added as defined by law
  • Sugar free
Vegan and vegetarian friendly available

Vegan and vegetarian friendly available

All Weleda face, baby, body, hair and oral care products are suitable for vegetarians abstaining from meat and fish.

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Foeniculum vulgare Miller, ssp. vulgare

The leaves of the plant, which range from sea-green to bluish, have an aromatic fragrance and are dried out after harvesting. With its sweet and slightly spicy taste, fennel is often made into tea.


Chamomilla Recucita Matricaria

Chamomile possess gentle properties that make skin feel soothed and smooth.

How to Use

How to Use

Use one tea bag per 200ml of freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 5 minutes. We recommend three cups a day during the lactation period.

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Customer Reviews (0)