Essentials for the Mommy-to-Be

Feel pampered throughout your pregnancy with this kit

Nurture yourself as you prepare to nurture your bundle of joy.

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These 9 months are full of beautiful changes -- some of which you can prepare for with this set. Our natural skin care products are NATURE certified, so you can pamper yourself and prepare your body for your little-one without worry. 

This set includes:
• Stretch Mark Massage Oil, 3.4 fl oz
• Cellulite Body Oil, 3.4  fl oz
• Skin Food, 1 fl oz


Help skin feel smooth and moisturized. 

Natrue and Weleda

Natrue and Weleda

NaTrue was created by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association to certify natural cosmetic products.  NaTrue’s expressed goal is “to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide.” 

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How to Use

How to Use

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Massage in two to three times daily, from the beginning of pregnancy up to the end of the breastfeeding period, using light, circular movements over tummy, thighs, bottom and breasts.

Cellulite Body Oil

Best to use twice a day for four weeks, then daily to maintain the effect. Apply in a circular massage action over thighs, hips and bottom. Enhance the experience with a brush massage or a hot/cold change shower using Birch Body Scrub.

Skin Food

Apply generously several times a day, wherever your skin needs extra help – especially on rough, dry areas like hands, feet and elbows.

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Customer Reviews (0)