Nurture Their Inner Nature

Your baby came into the world as a perfect gift of nature. Weleda knows moments of mindfulness help you and your little one bond while connecting you both with your inner nature.


Mama-Baby Bonding Time

When you and your little one feel tired or overwhelmed, connecting to each other and your inner nature can help shift your energy back into balanced harmony.  

Motherhood is a lot of work. So is starting a new life in the world. Cut yourself some slack. Breathe.

Use gentle, plant-rich products created to bring you and your baby in vibration with the earth. You are both exactly where you need to be.

Playtime or sweet afternoon snuggles, when you can, take a second to be present and honor these moments. 


“You can't get closer to nature than a baby...”

– Jessica Morse, Founder, BareBeauty Blog

Why We Care

Moments of self-care are essential to rebalancing yourself. It can be taking a few deep breaths to calm your mind or taking a few moments to acknowledge what you’re grateful for. A mindful moment will allow you to stay connected to yourself and your inner nature.


That’s why Weleda is here to support the everyday acts of love and self-care that bring you and your little love into balanced harmony.  

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Calendula Essentials for your Bundle of Joy

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