Live Your Inner Nature

Your inner nature is the place where you connect to all of nature. It’s the place where you let your body find its own balance. Your inner nature is you doing you.

Awaken Your Connection to Nature

Take a deep breathe and reconnect with your place in the natural world.


Let the trees, plants, and flowers ignite your senses, soothe your soul, and quiet your mind. 


Use plant-rich products designed to bring you into harmony with nature.


Feel yourself in vibration with the earth. Let your energy and vitality awaken and your beauty shine. 

Why We Care

Imagine your mind, body and spirit so balanced that your beauty radiates like a sunny day. We believe moments of self-care are essential to re-centering yourself, that's why wherever you are on the path, Weleda supports you.


Since 1921, Weleda’s goal has been to bring you back into harmony with nature. Weleda promotes beauty, wellbeing and nearly 100 years of plant wisdom to nurture your mind, body and spirit. 


Experience Weleda's Plant-Rich Products

Wild Rose oil blend helps you look and feel radiant
3.4 fl oz
The ultimate moisturizer for dry, rough skin
2.5 fl oz
The first step in a facial care routine
3.4 fl oz
Fragrance-free rich day and night cream for sensitive dry skin
1 Kit
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