Oat Extract

Nourishes for Smooth, Shiny Hair - Naturally
The active ingredients in oat extract help reduce hair breakage and split ends by smoothing the cuticles. Dry, damaged hair is hydrated, revitalized and naturally shiny. Hair’s healthy balance shines to reflect nature’s true beauty. 

Oats Specialty

The flow of water travels more intensively through the whole plant than it does in wheat or millet and that’s what makes oats special. High volumes of mineral-based silicic acid, phosphorus and iron are carried into the distinctive ‘beards’ of the ripening ear.


In addition to absorbing large quantities of water, oats develop high volumes of mineral-based silicic acid, phosphorus and iron in the ripening grain. These are the naturally-occurring substances in oat extract we harness in our NATRUE certified natural personal care products and use to help rebuild the natural, healthy structure of the hair and scalp. 

Oat Replenishing Treatment

Conditioning treatment for dry, damaged hair
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