Naturally Nourish and Maintain Vibrant Hair and Scalp

A Head Start To Lusher, Healthy-Looking Hair

Lush, flourishing hair – regardless of age, gender, color or thickness – means strong strands, a natural sheen and ease of brushing as it relates to the oil and moisture balance. If your hair is already healthy, millet helps to enhance the protective and structuring properties to leave the cuticles, flat and smooth for shiny, strong hair. Millet supports resilience and gently maintains a thriving hair and scalp for a natural balance that’s just beautiful. That’s why it is a key ingredient in many of our NATRUE certified natural hair care products. 

Millet, known as an ancient grain, is a nutrient-rich native of hot regions, with a long, slender, smooth stalk and linear growth entirely designed to absorb sunlight, air, and extreme heat.


It’s a storehouse of energy, which is believed to give it extraordinarily strong preservative and nourishing powers. Clearly, it’s highly beneficial in improving not only the look, but also the overall wellness of hair from root to tip.

Weleda’s guiding principle is the preservation of health for the planet and the people. In keeping with this principle, the minerals and trace elements in Millet, like silicon, iron and magnesium, are as important to our body as building blocks for our skin, hair and joints.