Iris Root

Activate the beauty of balanced skin with the power of Iris

Iris Makes Skin Feel Beautiful And Balanced

Great skin is a balancing act. The Hydrating Face Collection, certified natural by NATRUE, is key to getting naturally beautiful, hydrated skin.


Long valued as an ornamental plant, Iris’ hidden beauty has the amazing ability to help younger skin balance its hydration for clear, glowing skin. The Iris root is known for its dense cell structure and its ability to hold moisture. Iris root uses a cycle of generating and collecting moisture via its gel-like mucilage and absorbent starch and sugars. The structure of the plant also aids in its adaptability. Its dense roots, long, thin leaves and stem and the unique architectural lines of its flowers allow it to thrive in different environments.

These are the very qualities that make it an ideal plant source for effective skincare. In fact, Iris root extract is the perfect balance for skin’s fluctuations.


Skin often moves between extremes: sometimes calm, soft and rosy; Iris root provides cooling moisture, that helps skin stay beautifully balanced and connected with nature. 

Balanced facial hydration – for normal or dry skin
1 fl oz
A rich night cream for dry, dehydrated skin
1 fl oz
Natural moisturizer for normal to combination skin, day and night
1 fl oz