Hydrating Iris

Support Moisture Balance with Iris Extract

Hydrating Facial Care

Hydrating Skin Care Regimen - Day & Night

Leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed
1 Kit
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Hydrating Lotion - Iris

Natural moisturizer for normal to combination skin, day and night
1 fl oz
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Hydrating Day Cream - Iris

Balanced facial hydration – for normal or dry skin
1 fl oz
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Hydrating Night Cream - Iris

A rich night cream for dry, dehydrated skin
1 fl oz
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Activate the Beauty of Balanced Skin
with the Power of Iris

The iris plant was named after the Greek rainbow-goddess Iris, bringer of water and messenger of the gods. The rainbow colors of the striking flowers along with the plant’s ability to store water for long periods confirm its connection with its mythological namesake. Iris root extracts are long-established ingredients in Weleda personal care products, supporting the moisture balance of the skin.

Image of Italy - Iris Petals

Iris Makes Skin Feel Beautiful And Balanced

Great skin is a balancing act. The Hydrating Facial Care Collection, certified natural by NATRUE, is key to getting naturally beautiful, hydrated skin. The iris root is known for its dense cell structure and its ability to hold moisture. The structure of the plant also aids in its adaptability, so when skin moves between extremes, it provides cooling moisture that helps skin stay beautifully balanced and connected with nature. 

Spotlight Parntership: Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The iris thrives in inaccessible regions of Morocco's Atlas Mountains, where close cooperation between Weleda and our French partner companies ensures a stable income to about 300 farming families. Even today, a high percentage of the rural population in Morocco relies on small-scale farming as their main source of income. The iris harvest can make up to 50 percent of some families’ earnings, but this is only possible when sustainable partnerships are set up, such as the relationship between Weleda and those who cultivate iris germanica in the Tirdouime region of the Atlas Mountains. 


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