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Weleda ® North America

1 Bridge St. Suite 42
10533 Irvington, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality & Ingredients

Why Weleda Skincare?

Since 1921, Weleda has pioneered the use of wild-crafted (from wild plants), organic and biodynamic farming principles in our personal care to promote harmony and health. We believe the closer we are to nature, the more our bodies work in harmony. Our finest ingredients are cultivated by the loving hands of dedicated farmers throughout the world. We create premier, nourishing personal care that captures the power and potency of nature. When you care for your skin with our plant-based preparations, you experience a vitality that only nature can bring.


How does Weleda preserve its products?

All our products are certified natural by NATRUE and are preserved using a touch of grain alcohol, essential oils and nourishing plant extracts to maintain the life of our products. Our unique and recyclable packaging protects each formulation from light and air, helping to prevent oxidation. With our effective preservation techniques, our products needn’t be refrigerated. However, their freshness information is on packaging.


How do you color and fragrance your products?

Our products are the color of the essential plant extracts that are used in the formula. All formulas are fragranced with those same essential oils and plant extracts. We do not use any synthetic colors or fragrances.


Do you use any synthetic ingredients?

We use only nourishing essential oils and plant extracts. All Weleda products are certified natural by NATRUE, FREE of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants and raw materials derived from mineral oils, as well as genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Our products are instead FULL of the highest quality, pure plant extracts for your body.


What is biodynamic agriculture and why do you employ this cultivation method?

Recognized as a holistic, ecological, and ethical farming system, biodynamic agriculture includes gardening, food and nutrition, as well. The teachings of biodynamically-centered agriculture have been practiced worldwide for nearly a century. The basic idea is that the farm itself is a living organism—a self-sustaining system that creates and sustains life, and supports and heals itself.. If it sounds like the principles Steiner applied to how the skin functions, it is because it is the same concept of self-healing and growth. At Weleda, we view the earth as an interconnected living organism. Plants, animals and human beings have an inherent and beautiful relationship with one another and their surroundings What is the INCI? The International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) is the system we use for labeling our ingredients. The multilingual and multinational labeling requirements of the European Union require a full declaration of ingredients on personal care packaging. This labeling standard denotes all ingredients according to their Latin (Chemical / Scientific) designation as specified by the regulatory board. All companies selling personal care products in Europe, and recently, Canada, are required by law to list their ingredients according to INCI regulations. All ingredients are listed by their quantity of presence—greatest to least—in the product. Due to its full ingredient disclosure policy, the INCI standards strive to help you, the consumer, make informed and healthy purchases, helping you avoid any ingredients to which you may be allergic.


Why do some of your skincare products contain alcohol?

Weleda uses a “raw grain alcohol,” a naturally-fermented plant-based sugar that helps preserve our natural ingredients and helps our products stay gluten-free. This alcohol is not drying, in fact, it is used to hold and stabilize our botanical tinctures and extracts. When creating traditional remedies, naturally-fermented alcohols were used to release the life-force of the plants into the compounds. Our organic alcohol is denatured by the essential oils in the formulas. We use less than a .01% weight of denatured alcohol in each formula. Additionally, our products are gently heated which further diminishes any drying aspect of alcohol in the emulsified product.


Why do you use seed and nut oils in your products?

Plants oils, derived from seeds, nuts and fruits, gently care for and nourish your skin. Unlike petroleum-based mineral oils, plant oils are believed to help support and balance your skin’s moisture levels.


What is glycerin and why do you use it?

Glycerin is a threefold-alcohol found in every fat. We use glycerin derived from the coconut or palm kernel oil. This ingredient is produced through the saponification process of plant oil and soap. It regulates the absorption and release of water, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother. What is lanolin and why do you use it? Lanolin is a wax derived from the wool of sheep. The process of extracting this wool does not harm the sheep in any way, as the shearing of wool is a necessary process. Weleda uses the highest quality lanolin from sheep in Australia and New Zealand. It is cleaned to remove any possible pesticide residue. This beneficial ingredient contains fats that give it an affinity to the skin, making it an ideal moisturizer. We use lanolin to nourish and moisturize the skin.


Do you test your personal care products on animals?

Weleda does not do any animal testing in the manufacture, development or quality control of its natural and organic cosmetics, nor does it commission such testing. The company is fundamentally opposed to the use of animal testing. Weleda’s personal care products are certified natural by the European organization NATRUE, which requires and enforces that no cosmetics be tested on animals. However, product safety is paramount. Weleda uses raw materials that have been used for many years, so their tolerability is well documented. Before introducing new products to the market, Weleda carries out extensive in-use studies on volunteer subjects. The formulas are subject to toxicological testing to ensure their safety, tolerability and efficacy.


Do you use allergy-tolerated wheat starch or gluten in your products?

Weleda consistently works to bring consumers the highest quality and safest products, formulated with the finest ingredients. Some people have a digestive intolerance to gluten, a protein that occurs in wheat and other grains. It is unlikely for a person with gluten intolerance to have a reaction to a skincare product, since gluten can only be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. However, some people do have wheat allergies that may cause them to have skin sensitivities. Many Weleda personal care products contain alcohol derived from organic wheat, and some products contain wheat germ oil. We heat and distill our alcohol and filter our wheat germ oil to remove allergy-causing proteins, but we cannot guarantee that all of the residues are removed. If you have gluten intolerance or wheat allergies, we recommend that you consult with your medical practitioner before using any of our products containing alcohol, malt extract or wheat germ oil, as indicated on the ingredient label.