Weleda Culture

As a company, we have deep gratitude for the people who work for us at every level. Weleda employees own their roles. Their hands-on experience gives them insight into decision-making, operating processes and structures as well as innovation and business advances.

At Weleda, we believe our employees are our partners. We understand how we all contribute. We embrace personal responsibility and accountability for our jobs and we work together in that spirit of partnership.

Our personal care products are more wonderful if they are created in a respectful, diverse workplace, promoting creativity, collaboration and personal development outside the office.


Our beautiful, open office space is in an inspiring location, on the banks of the Hudson River, just 30 minutes from New York City. Our soaring ceilings and windows inspire us with an abundance of natural beauty.

Weleda creates a unique social structure that makes every team member feel greater ownership of the company and more connected to one another.


And to make sure everyone feels valued; we make sure to keep communication channels wide open. After all, brilliant ideas can come from anyone.

Even from you.

Feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Given our atmosphere, openings are few and far between. Keep checking back to see what’s new.