Pomegranate Skin Care Collection

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Renews and makes skin feel restored and radiant
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Night time hydration for drier or mature skin
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Eye cream formulated to help skin around the eyes feel firmer
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Intensive serum to make skin feel strong and resilient
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What does an old fruit know about staying young? Ask the oracles and goddesses of ancient times when pomegranate, the crowned fruit, was used to turn back time. Its ruby red arils and oils were prized as a veritable fountain of youth for skin, bodies and spirits from China to Europe.


Juice up your plant-rich rejuvenation routine with our pomegranate collection proven to the increase the feeling of bounce, hydration and resilience.

Your skin’s secret weapon:

Weleda’s Age-Defying products blended from the mythical, vitamin-rich pomegranate juice and oils to give the appearance of lifted, stronger skin.

Firm up your morning routine with the quickly-absorbed but highly-moisturizing Awakening Day Cream, rich with pomegranate, millet and macadamia nut oils. Light and cooling, it can be tapped on during the day to keep make-up dewy. A few dots of the Awakening Eye Cream soothe, reduce the appearance of lines and strengthen the feel of the delicate eye area.  


Day or night, the Awakening Serum is a highly-concentrated elixir lavish with extracts and precious oils designed to amplify the skin strengthening benefits of the Age-Defying range. To get the most out of your beauty sleep, end the day with the deeply-hydrating Awakening Night Cream. Pomegranate oils are boosted with borage and argan, so you awake looking radiant, lifted and lovely.