Plant-Rich, Beauty-Wise Collection

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Cleanses and tones normal and combination skin in a single step
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Renews and makes skin feel restored and radiant
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The ultimate moisturizer for dry, rough skin
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Wild Rose oil blend helps you look and feel radiant
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In the pursuit of living more simply, naturally, and conscious of our environment, while still looking, smelling and feeling amazing, we put together this collection of our greatest hits and most indispensable products that will keep you hooked on plant-rich beauty. Like all Weleda products, since 1921, they are free of GMOs, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives, SLS, and all the other nasties we try to avoid when possible. All of our products are also certified natural by NATRUE. The delicious smell of these products comes from the wild, biodynamic or organic essential oils that are just doing their job keeping you gorgeous.

Feed Your Skin with Plant-Rich Ingredients

Our One-Step Cleanser and Toner made of olive oil, witch hazel and bright, clarifying citrus oils is irresistibly efficient without ever stripping skin. The pomegranate-based Awakening Day Cream is a lighter, day cream that is quickly absorbed to make skin feel regenerated. Skin Food is the ultimate body product. The rosemary, pansy and sunflower seed oil feed all your natural needs. However, this rich cream is hoarded by make-up artists, celebutantes and used everywhere from knees to hair to cheekbones because it gives you that instant dewy radiance that everyone thinks comes from yoga.

The Pampering Body & Beauty Oil is more than an after-shower moisturizer, it leaves your entire body sensuously soft, smooth and literally smelling like a mid-summer rose garden, just after a rainstorm. 

Why shouldn’t your plant-rich skincare be as traceable to a farm, a garden or a field of wildflowers as your salad?

Green juice. Meditation. Making it to yoga or a run even after a long day.  Yes, you want beauty, but you also want your skincare to be as committed to being healthy as you are. And detoxing doesn’t just mean your food. Not all natural skincare is created equally. 

Since 1921, Weleda has committed to cultivating as many of its own ingredients as possible. What we can’t grow, we source from actual farmers and gardeners and harvest by hand.

This means our essential oils and extracts are as potent and close to the living plant as possible. That potency makes them powerfully effective and synergistic with your body’s needs.

Our botanical blends have been activating healthy beauty since before anyone knew it was possible. In Europe, women already know Weleda is synonymous with natural beauty.

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