Plant Wisdom for All

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Brilliant, vitalizing shower cream with nourishing oils
6.8 fl oz
Fresh with a clean floral fragrance
3.4 fl oz
Fluoride-free toothpaste with sea salt and gentle mineral cleansers
2.5 fl oz
Balanced facial hydration – for normal or dry skin
1 fl oz

At Weleda, we are with you. Weleda believes a plant-rich lifestyle is more than looking and feeling good, it’s about doing good. It’s about the partnerships with our farmers and giving back to their communities. Protecting the plants we use and using them sustainably. Respecting the earth as well as our faces, our bodies and our families. At Weleda, we know that connecting with our place in the natural world is the key to our beauty and our future.

Committing to an organic and natural lifestyle should be beautiful. Wake up your day with the sunny, zesty and citrus scent of sea buckthorn. The soft, hydrating lather of our Sea Buckthorn Body Wash is SLS free, paraben free and synthetic-fragrance free to stay on your skin or in your world. Then, imagine a deodorant that helps to balance odor while smelling lovely?


Our sensuously fresh Wild Rose 24H Deodorant Spray uses essential oils of damask rose and ylang-ylang to neutralize odor without interfering. Brush and invigorate your mouth with our famous Salt Toothpaste – fluoride and SLS free – instead, it uses myrrh, ratahania root and chestnut bark, along with sea salt which cleans naturally. Our fresh Hydrating Day Cream is light, quickly-absorbed cream that uses Iris root to help your skin maintain its own moisture balance so it stays hydrated all day. On those days where balance isn’t easy to find, this plant-rich wisdom can help you back to harmony.

All of our Plant Wisdom Collection products – and every personal care product that Weleda offers – is NATRUE certified Natural.

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Since essential oils and extracts are the life-force of the plant, many people believe that oils extracted from wild plants are more potent, more active and redolent with vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids that our bodies can use more easily. By keeping our products plant-rich, simple and free of GMOs, synthetics, parabens, SLS as well as cruelty-free, we help you get just what you need and none of what you don’t want.


Since 1921, Weleda has believed that human beings are an integral part of nature. Our philosophy has been to connect people to nature to balance our lives and make us extraordinarily healthy. We want to create a vibration of harmony in your life and around the world. We believe that our intentions infuse our products and allow your beauty to shine.

Weleda’s Biodynamic Practices

Weleda was founded by Rudolf Steiner who was committed to growing his plants in harmony with the seasons, the planets and all the living creatures on the farm.


Biodynamic farming involves reinvigorating the soil between plantings, misting the plants with vortexed water and ground quartz crystals, hand-picking and pruning so that harvesting helps plants blossom and thrive. Biodynamically-raised plants and flowers are said to glisten with almost magical power.