Our Standards

We believe nature offers the best solutions to every beauty and wellness need. Our products are free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals. Instead, we use flower, fruit and root extracts, minerals and essential oils, each one carefully selected and orchestrated to work with your body’s own systems. With respect for the earth we believe in protecting our farms and building fair trade partnerships to bring you the best nature has to offer.


Raw materials and sustainable sourcing are at the forefront of our standards

Since the beginning, Weleda has respected the environment and our natural resources. Our environmental consciousness goes beyond our sourcing to include every aspect of our company, our products and our packaging. Our standards for sustainable packaging are as close as possible to regenerative design. Not only must it protect the life energy and potency of the ingredients, but it must be manufactured from sustainable materials and be recyclable once its packaging life is over.

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Weleda's personal care products are certified natural by NATRUE

We know it’s important for you to know as much as possible about the quality and safety of the products you use yourself and on your baby. NATRUE was created by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association to certify natural cosmetic products.  NATRUE’s expressed goal is “to protect and promote natural cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide.”

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Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

For nearly a century Weleda has proudly produced cruelty-free cosmetics

Weleda’s cosmetics are certified natural by the European organization NATRUE, which requires that no cosmetics be tested on animals and enforces this prohibition.

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