Glow From Within

After 14 days of following the Let Your Beauty Bloom plan your glow should begin to emerge. If you managed most of the detox, are drinking more water, and bumped up your sleep, you might be feeling more energetic and happier. Continue your Weleda regimen, morning and night. Depending on your climate, you might need to pat on a little more face cream during the day. Now is the time to reinforce your skin wellness with holistic approaches that include delicious foods that nourish your radiance from within.

Day 15: Give Your Skin Extra TLC

Day 15: Give Your Skin Extra TLC

When you observe your skin closely, what do you see? Dryness, dullness, fine lines? Now is the time to address these concerns with a targeted treatment product. This class of facial care is your best radiance-revealing ally by utilizing botanical ingredients to stimulate your skin’s innate restorative abilities.

Take a minute to explore Weleda’s offerings to find your radiant skin savior.

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Day 16: Eat The Rainbow

Day 16: Eat The Rainbow

The different colors of fruits and vegetables have different nutrients for our bodies. Try and include as many different colors on your plate as possible. At meals, choose organic whenever you can. Instead of the old school food pyramid, see it as a plate filled with food for healthy skin. Yours should be 80% greens (raw ones when you can find them) and 20% proteins or other carbohydrates. Avocados, nuts and fish are great foods for beautiful, glowy skin. Add one or all to your diet or current meal!

What you put on your body should be held to the same standards as what you put into it. That is why Weleda harnesses the power of high-quality, superfood ingredients like pomegranate and almond in the Awakening and Sensitive Care Lines.

Day 17: Keep Going, You're Doing Great!

Day 18: Maintain Momentum

Check-in on your progress. Observe your skin and how you feel. Stay motivated and continue your Weleda skin care routine.

Day 19: Stimulating Motions

Day 19: Stimulating Motions

Just as your body muscles need to be activated, so do the ones on your face. After a long week, treat yourself to a relaxing facial massage for three to five minutes with your Weleda moisturizer.

Not only does this method do wonders for the skin, a face massage also helps you destress, sleep better and can even help relieve headaches.

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Day 20: Reflect And Relax

Journal your progress and notice your skin's texture and appearance. Reground yourself with a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling for a minute.

Day 21: Self Care Day

Day 21: Self Care Day

For some facing the world without cosmetics can be daunting. After three weeks of following your Weleda skin care routine, you should have the confidence to go makeup-free and feel great in your skin.

Challenging the standard notions of beauty by skipping makeup and letting your natural beauty shine through can be very powerful. Take today to feel the comfort of your bare skin and Weleda glow with the understanding that makeup is an option, not a requirement.

Step Into Week 4: Glow With The Flow

This week challenges you to get moving and be active. But you also have a chance to reward yourself for all of the amazing work you've been doing for your mind, body and soul.