Rebalance Your Energy

Great job on completing the first week! You should already feel a difference in your mood, wellness and skin after a solid week of staying hydrated with at least 2 liters of water a day, connecting with nature in the morning and the evening, and getting enough sleep. The focus this week is to make sure you are well-rested. Adding restful rituals in the evening and energizing ones in the morning help harmonize your energy and your body’s innate regenerative systems.

Day 8: Commit To Moisturizing

Day 8: Commit To Moisturizing

Dry skin, aging skin, sensitive skin and even skin with fine or deep lines all benefit from consistent hydration. Make your skin’s moisture balance a priority by using the harmonizing, plant-rich moisturizer ideal for your skin type. Our Sensitive Care Line nurtures sensitive skin; the Hydrating Line nourishes thirsty complexions; the Skin Revitalizing Line revitalizes mature skin; the Renewing Line softens the appearance of fine lines, and the Awakening Line restores radiance.

Use the press and release method to apply your moisturizer. Squeeze the product into your palms and press them together to warm to your body temperature. Then pat onto your face. Don’t rub or use too much pressure, your skin will absorb it naturally.

Post a pic of your progress and show us your #WeledaSkin.

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Day 9: Keep Going, You're Doing Great!

Day 10: Create A Bedtime Ritual

Day 10: Create A Bedtime Ritual

Set yourself up for restful sleep with a soothing nightly routine. Light candles, take a warm bath or have a cup of tea, whatever will help you unwind.

But of course, be extra mindful of your evening facial care routine as your skin repairs itself while your sleep. Bring your attention to your skin, giving it all it needs to repair and detox itself. Our products are formulated using essential oils designed to help connect you with your inner nature while also deeply nourishing your skin.

Day 11: Maintain Momentum

Check-in on your progress. Observe your skin and how you feel. Stay motivated and continue your Weleda skin care routine.

Day 12: Morning Detox

Day 12: Morning Detox

Kick-off your day with a wellness morning. Remember that your body detoxes as well as repairs during the night, so start your morning skin care routine with your Weleda cleanser to wash off any toxins your skin might have released during the night. Let that jumpstart your morning gratitude ritual – even if you didn’t sleep well the night before.

Make yourself a warm cup of water with some lemon to start your day to detoxify, boost hydration, and maintain your body’s pH balance. The day’s news can wait! Stay away from your devices for at least an hour so that you can bring your spirit back from its nightly journey.

Day 13: Reflect And Relax

Journal your progress and notice your skin's texture and appearance. Reground yourself with a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling for a minute.

Day 14: Self Care Day

Day 14: Self Care Day

Elevate your skin care routine by adding a jade roller or gua sha to gently massage your face after cleansing and moisturizing. These tools aid circulation and reduce puffiness through lymphatic drainage. You can add your moisturizer and your treatment products in layers while you massage. The process will push them deeper into your skin so you can reap the nourishing benefits even further.

To use a roller start from the neck upwards using sweeping strokes of light pressure. Let the weight of the roller do the work. Massage one side of your face at a time starting from the center of the chin rolling outwards.

Step Into Week 3: Nourish Your Radiance

Support your efforts by adding the best foods for skin to your diet and nurture your #WeledaSkin from within. Treatment products like serums, oils, concentrates and eye creams are the stars of the week.