Radiant Skin Is Just 28 Days Away...

Radiant skin is just four weeks away. Start setting the foundation by immediately making small but mighty changes that will transform your complexion to beautiful #WeledaSkin.

Planting The Seed

• Aim to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Add fresh lemon or ginger if you need more taste. This crucial step helps optimize all of your body’s systems. But it also ensures your skin is hydrated from within.
• Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Ensure you are getting 8 hours of quality sleep. Your body’s regenerative systems go to work while you sleep.
• Make a point to spend at least 10 minutes outdoors connecting with nature in the morning and in the evening.
Focus on your intentions and how you want to feel at the end of this journey. Because when your mind, body and spirit are in harmony with nature you feel and look your best.

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Day 1: Set Intentions

Follow Weleda’s three skin wellness tenets; drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and connect with nature. Focus on personal goals that will promote your well being based on your current lifestyle and commit to these lifestyle changes.

This could be as simple as starting a gratitude list or as deep as dedicating yourself fully to a clean lifestyle. Write your goals down along with the results you expect to see at the end of this journey.

The journey starts now...

Day 2: Study Your Skin

Weleda has discovered nature’s healing properties through plant observations. You too can learn about your own well being with regular face observations. Your face is a canvas for what is going on in your life. Make different expressions and observe your skin. Is it dry? Do you see new wrinkles? Notice the texture and feel. This will help you determine your skin care needs.

Weleda harnesses the power that plants use to thrive in nature and transfers those benefits to your skin. Plant-rich formulations, that are free of parabens, phthalates and artificial fragrances and preservatives, transform any skin-type and make good skin even more radiant.

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Day 3: Identify Skin Frienimies

Explore how your habits, diet, stress levels and product choices can alter your complexion. For instance, your diet has a major effect on your skin. Stay away from processed and fast foods – they are often in high in salt, sugar and preservatives. Sugar, in particular, affects protein and amino acid production and breaks down collagen. Reducing your intake, or better yet eliminating processed sugars completely will make a noticeable difference in a matter of days. Over-cleansing, unprotected sun exposure, and household cleansers are just some irritants that can cause problem skin. Evaluate your choices and environment, and exchange what is harmful for more skin-nurturing options.

Day 4: Keep Going, You're Doing Great!

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Day 5: Clean Your Routine

Look at your labels and put away any products that contain harmful ingredients and swap in your Weleda shipment. Some of the worst offenders are parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.
Here is a handy list of what to avoid:
• Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Synthetic Fragrances
• Sodium Laureth/ Lauryl Sulfate –anything that has sulfate at the end of it
• Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Oxybenzone , Avobenzone
Look for skin-nurturing ingredients instead, like rose extract, almond oil, and pomegranate extract, which are all found in our skin care.

Day 6: Reflect And Relax

Journal your progress and notice your skin's texture and appearance. Approaching your self care in a mindful manner, by focusing on the present rather than past mistakes or expectations for the future, will help you make the changes you need for well being, inside and out. Take some time to reground yourself with a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling for a minute. Stress and tension take a toll on your skin and body. Let these go. Be present with your harmonizing intentions in that moment and throughout your day.

Day 7: Self Care Day
Start With A Clean Slate

Perhaps the most effective way to boost the efficacy of your facial care products is to wash your face as the first step in your routine. Without cleansing, nourishing products aren’t able to penetrate the skin properly. Each wash is important. Your morning wash clears away the toxins released while your skin detoxes at night. In the evening your cleansing washes away impurities an oil that build up throughout the day.

How you cleanse is also important. For a more nurturing cleansing ritual swipe off the cleanser with a cotton pad. No need to rinse! Water is full culprits that add to skin in crisis. Look into your local water quality. “Hard water”“, which is high in calcium, can cause issues as calcium settles on your face and can compromise the barrier of the skin. Emollient cleansers like our Gentle Cleansing Milk will counter the drying effects.

Step Into Week 2: Create A Routine

Adding restful rituals in the evening and energizing ones in the morning help harmonize your energy and your body’s innate regenerative systems.